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Profitaro ApS

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             ERP implementation/optimization

o   Profitaro is working as freelance consultants, together with the established Axapta consultancy companies, but also as independent advisor, that can ensure the quality of the solution and advise the client to manage the delivery.

o   Profitaro is working as advisor and/or project manager in the pre analysis, determine the business process, and match the ERP system to support those processes. Profitaro is specialized within setup, test of specific functionality/processes (flow tests), test across borders of the process/organization (integration tests), training sessions and documentaion. In relation to the re-engineering of the processes Profitaro is determining concepts for specific areas, and setting up Key Performance Indicators for these areas. 

o   Optimization/advise of more efficiency business process/concepts, and better utilization of the ERP system.

         Logistic optimization

o   Review of value chain/processes and determination of where to optimize. Preparation of action plans supported by a cost benefit analysis.

o   Profitaro optimizes the processes across organizational structures. Process optimization determines process as they is today, critical business processes, and compose a proposal for future changed processes, supported by a cost benefit analysis.

o   Determination of Key Performance Indicators, and performance measurement in supply chain as; items that needs to be managed tightly, trend in inventory levels, picking speed, ability to supply to customers and internally e.t.c.


o   Preparation of Key Performance Indicators for profitability on product groups and customer groups.

o   Preparation of processes/action plans for improved profitability, and establishment of a plan for how to measure the KPI's. 

o   Validation of the data quality, and composition of proposal for how to get valid/usable data which can be used for analysis.